A confident attitude is often lauded as a positive trait that can help one face life without shrinking at adversity. More than this, Confidence, or self-esteem is an essential thing for a person to possess for their mental and emotional wellbeing. Building confidence in little girls can be tough because of societal pressures on what they are supposed to be depending on the country they are born in.

Parents want their children to grow up to be confident, assertive, and with self-worth. At least they say they do, many don’t take it kindly when they feel they are being “disrespected” by their children.

This may be valid, but many times their kids could just be trying to express their thoughts and feelings which they are unable to articulate well considering that they are just children. It is important, as a parent, to recognize this and know how to deal with it appropriately.

It is hard for a child to grow up with low self-esteem, and they may grow up to be reluctant to try new things or exit their comfort zones. It may even hinder them in finding meaningful relationships, as they constantly have to seek validation in others because they cannot find it in themselves.

This is especially a problem for young girls. The lingering influence of gender stereotypes can make it especially difficult in building confidence in little girls. This along with the social media culture of today where young people often end up comparing themselves to the “influencers” they see online can lead to them being unhappy with their bodies and their image of themselves.

Building confidence in little girls is important in today’s society for them to succeed not only in work but in life too. Building confidence in little girls can be tough unlike with boys as they are more sensitive. Here are a few tips that you can follow to help instill confidence in your little girls. Of course, some of this may also apply to your young boys, but a particular emphasis will be given to issues faced by little girls. Sorry boys, maybe we can write an article for you next time.

Tips for building confidence in little girls

The Journey is more important than the destination

The Journey is more important than the destination

When you are young you will inevitably stumble somewhere when you try new things or join a competition at school. The important thing is to keep trying and doing new things. We are not trying to encourage mediocrity by this, but rather help them build confidence and not fear failure. Focus less on the outcome of whatever they do, and more on the process as this is where they develop skills and learn.

Sometimes, she can figure it out by herself

It can be tempting to coddle your daughter and make sure that she is always happy and can live a carefree childhood. She should indeed enjoy her childhood, but you must allow her to develop her problem-solving skills. This is a problem with both boys and girls but especially so with young girls.

Because for sons, it is seen as a necessary part of growing up to be a man, but your daughters also need to grow up to be capable women. Don’t let her turn into a damsel in distress stereotype that waits helplessly for others to fix her problems. If you want her to make good decisions in the future, she needs practice.

So you can start by letting her have a say in matters that affect her at her age. Let her speak up for herself, play sports, decide what she wants to wear, or even join extracurricular activities.

Let her ask questions

It can be tiring to have to listen to a child’s endless barrage of questions about the world around them or whatever topic crosses their curious young minds. But don’t shoot them down as this should be encouraged. It is a helpful exercise for her development to ask questions because it means that she realizes that there are things she doesn’t know, and more importantly, she wants to know them.

Let her pat herself on the back

Let her pat herself on the back

We all have a bit of a natural inclination towards having pride. Usually, it’s not seen as a positive virtue to brag, but you should let your little girls be proud of what they do. This is because when some girls grow older it could be difficult for them to value their accomplishments and even get embarrassed when complimented. This tendency can increase over time, so try not to put them down for what you see as bragging is simply them celebrating their accomplishments.

Of course, you don’t want her to grow up arrogant, so you don’t have to proclaim them to be the best or a genius, but remember to always praise the effort more than the result.

Let her act her age

This goes for all children. Sometimes we make expectations of them to act more “mature” or like an adult. This is a highly unrealistic expectation to have and can place a lot of pressure on your little girls. This can be overlooked when the goal is building confidence in little girls because we associate confidence with maturity. But she is still a kid, let her be a kid. Let her make mistakes and learn from them while you play a role as a mentor guiding them. If they fail to do something, let them know what they’re doing wrong and how they can get better.

Love her, no matter what

Love her, no matter what

She is her own person and likely won’t turn out exactly how you want them to be. The best you can hope for is that she will lead a happy and fulfilling life. Don’t dwell too much on the details. No matter how she is performing, what she looks like, or what she wants to do (as long as it’s not harmful that is). She is your daughter, and although she also relies on her peers for feedback and validation, the family never ceases to be important in building confidence In little girls. This might be the most important tip.

Final thoughts

Our tips in building confidence in little girls can help guide you in raising your daughter to be the best that she can be, unshackled by society’s expectations or even your own. She is, an individual after all and as a parent, you should be there to guide them to where they find fulfillment in their lives.

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