A lady with many titles to her name, Zoraida Sambolin is not just an American journalist or breast cancer survivor but also one of the most recognized faces on television since she used to host NBC 5 News. Born on 10 July 1965, the Cancerian personality lives in the state of Illinois in Chicago. She revealed her engagement with Kenny Williams, a baseball executive, in January 2013.

Sambolin was a rising journalist who covered many breaking news stories such as the Boston bombings, the Cleveland kidnappings, and Colorado Theatre shootings while working with CNN. Unfortunately, her life came to a crashing halt when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It took her a while to break that news as she wasn’t sure how her fans would react. In May 2013, she announced her medical problem and told her fans that she will be going for a mastectomy.

Zoraida Sambolin went on a show to let her fans and the world know that everyone should cherish what they have in the present as tomorrow is never certain. While saying that, her fans had slowly realized during the show that she will be taking a break from the television. Finally, Zoraida Sambolin mustered all the courage and let her audience know that she will be stepping down from her role as a host on CNN to focus on her well-being and spend some time with her family in Chicago.

Zoraida Sambolin’s Career

Zoraida Sambolin’s Career

Zoraida Sambolin started off her career at a small local station in 1999 at WYCC-TV. She immediately took responsibility for the task handed to her and excelled by producing her first show. In 2002, she climbed the career ladder in the media industry by joining WMAQ where she took charge of reporting on Telemundo.

Plunged to stardom, Telemundo had proved to be a successful career decision, Zoraida Sambolin was promoted to co-hosting on NBC News 5 with Rob Elgas. She won several awards at her time in NBC as not only was she a co-host for a rising news channel but also hosted the Spanish language shows airing like Buen Doctor.

Zoraida Sambolin left NBC after the breaking news that she was diagnosed with cancer. Taking some time out to slow down and recover from her mastectomy, Zoraida Sambolin returned to TV in 2014.

Zoraida Sambolin’s gripping cancer story

Zoraida Sambolin had been diagnosed with breast cancer in April, however, it took her almost a month to reveal the news to her audience on a TV show. Zoraida Sambolin had revealed that the news of cancer had devastated her.

Zoraida Sambolin’s gripping cancer story

A strong-willed woman who had a passion for working and delivering to her audience had shocked her fans when she announced in May 2013 that she was stepping down. Zoraida Sambolin had always remained professional and focused on her career climb leading many to think that she was a workaholic. Announcing that she would be stepping down to take some time to recover and contemplate had surprised her audience as no one had imagined Zoraida Sambolin to take a break. The celebrity status journalist had told her audience on a TV show that she was glad that the prognosis was done early and that cancer was in its infancy stages. This led her to decide on going for a mastectomy.

Zoraida Sambolin is not the only TV star to have gone under mastectomy. Earlier, Angelina Jolie had announced that she was fighting against breast cancer and had taken the decision to go for mastectomy. Seeing the talented actress take a decision and involve her fans had given Zoraida Sambolin the courage to speak up about her cancer struggles.

Zoraida Sambolin took the story to Facebook where she told her fans that Angelina’s Jolie struggles and openness about her fight with cancer had given her the courage to speak up. Sambolin went on to state that hearing the news that you’ve been diagnosed with cancer can be the scariest thing. At that moment, the TV journalist saw her world crash in front of her as all the sounds faded away upon hearing the news. Distraught, she did not know whether she was going to make it through.

Zoraida Sambolin decided to reveal her cancer story at Mary’s hospital’s 4th annual cancer survivor event. Living with cancer can be devastating and those that have it, look towards inspiration to push through. Zoraida Sambolin became that inspiration for many of her fans who were dealing with their internal struggles.

Zoraida Sambolin went on to state that the disease is the only thing that opens your eyes to everything around you. You feel like your life slows down and starts to notice all the small things. She opened about how her disease had gotten her closer to her husband who she had recently married. She was afraid that cancer would grow distances in the newlywed however, her husband has been more than supportive in everything she did. She also went on to state that her son, Nicholas, was her rock throughout this period. She had seen her son before the surgery and Nicholas was the first one to meet her after her surgery.

Her husband, Kenny Williams

Her husband, Kenny Williams said that his reaction to the news was devastating as when Zoraida Sambolin had told him that she was diagnosed with cancer, Kenny felt destroyed. However, Kenny had stuck with Zoraida Sambolin to the end as he supported her physically and mentally in this stressful time. He stated that the disease had brought the family together as before that both the partners were busy with their working lives.

Zoraida Sambolin also felt that the mastectomy would make her look unattractive or not desirable to her husband, however, she was surprised at how Kenny reacted to that. Sambolin stated that her husband did not care about any of that except that she needs to be alive to be with him and their child. The TV journalist had gotten emotional when discussing her situation and how her family had opened their arms to comfort her and get through it together.

Zoraida Sambolin became a voice for cancer patients across the world by talking about the issue and raising awareness. She stated that the disease requires a lot of empathy from one’s family. She emphasized self-care and slowing down in life to focus on the greater things, people that love you. Her story had moved everyone at the cancer survivor event hosted by Mary’s hospital. Zoraida Sambolin will always remain an inspiration for her fans and many others around the world.

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