We have all been through hardship in our lives, some more than others. But we all know the feeling of anxiety and uncertainty that can come from the problems we face. Whether these problems arise due to financial problems, a divorce, or the death of a loved one, providing help and comfort is part of being human. During such situations, there are things to do for a friend in need depending on the level of the relationship. Perhaps you may want to hug your friend or simply lend them an ear.

For those that might be at a bit of a loss on how they can assist in the situation, here we have listed five things to do for a friend in need.

Things To Do For A Friend In Need

Things To Do For A Friend In Need

If you want to lend a helping hand to a friend that is hurting or in a rough spot but are not sure how here are some tips that could help you with things to do for a friend in need. Please take note, that although these are universally applicable, you still need to use your better judgment for what advice you should take and apply.

Be specific in the help you can give them

The first thing on your list of things to do for a friend in need is to be specific. You should try to avoid statements like “How can I help?” or “Let me know if you need any help”. This may sound like the opposite of what you should do because you are offering help, but the problem is in how you approached it.

It’s hard enough for someone to ask for help, but when we are vague in our offers of help, they may not take up on your offer. This is because we place the burden of asking for help on them which results in many not wanting to cause any hassle or perhaps not want the added pressure of having to ask you, especially when they are going through hard times. You want to try and take pressure off of them, and not add onto it.

You can try to be more specific by offering directly. It doesn’t always have to be addressing the main problem that they have. It can be a small thing that just helps them relax and take off some of the pressure they are feeling.

For example, you could send them some food so they don’t have to think about preparing a meal or eating out (try to use a container that you don’t need them to return so they don’t have to worry about giving it back to you). You could also offer to buy something they need if you are heading out to the store. These more specific offers are much more likely to be accepted.

Do the research

Do the research

Many times the problems we face are on things that we are yet unfamiliar with. Whether that be an illness, legal trouble, or death, we often have to research new things that we don’t know to deal with the situation. This can be very tiring, and especially so because we have to potentially dwell on thoughts of a troubling event.

One of those great things to do for a friend in need is to offer to do the research for them and save them the time of digging through tons of information. Especially since it may potentially be too painful or overwhelming for them. Of course, if you choose to do this you have to be confident that you can come back to them with accurate information and good advice, so be careful and prudent.

Listen to them

They probably have a lot of things on their mind, and it can be very helpful to have someone to talk to to get things out. Troubled thoughts are more easily worked through when you can vocalize them.

Remember though, they have a lot on their mind, this is not the best time to bombard them with your opinion, and weighing in a lot may be more detrimental than just being there to listen.

Good listening is but in situations where you feel your friend needs help, try not to dominate the conversation. You may also feel strongly about what happened or is happening to them, but try to remain calm and listen well.

Be trustworthy

Be trustworthy

Related to the last point, you should keep any details about their problem between the two of you unless they permit you to share them. You may think it will do some good to let other people know what is happening to them, but remember that this is not your decision to make.

If they tell you something in confidence, stop yourself from telling your friends or family. If you do, they may feel you have broken their trust, and give them the added burden of that to the troubles they are facing. This is very important on our list of things to do for a friend in need.

Don’t force them to accept your help

Whatever they are going through, if your friend is an adult, they can make their own decisions. Offer your help, but if they decline, then leave it be. It may make them feel worse if you press the issue.

They may not need the help at the moment, or perhaps they have accustomed themselves to solving their problems by themselves. In any case, you can still try to help. Just be sensitive and be guided by how they feel and act in the situation. It is still their decision to make if they want you to help in a more significant capacity. This must be on your list of things to do for a friend in need.

Final thoughts

There are many things to do for a friend in need but it all varies on the type of friend that requires help. Like we mentioned earlier. You’re not going to lend a shoulder to a friend to cry on if you’re not that close but with a close friend, they might just be needing that to get through the day. Judge the situation and always be there to help whenever needed.

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