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Leading others, in small ways and in big ones, is one of life‘s most challenging and most rewarding tasks. So how can you step up and have an impact? Read more


Most of us are far too hard on ourselves; we say things in our heads that we would never dream of saying to someone else—and certainly not to someone we care about. A key to showing yourself some love is to make your very own Confidence Catalog. Read more


Money served as my life boat - it kept me afloat and safe from the sea of the unknown. And I knew, deep down, I so badly wanted to dive in and see where the unknown would take me! Read more


Ever heard of the Hallmark Channel? Learn how the brand capitalizes on its deep audience insights to deliver an experience that keeps them coming back for more. Curated by branding expert, Hilary Hartling of BRANDPOLISH CO. Read more


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Corporate roles have gotten a bad rap recently. Yet corporate culture can be incredible! If you're looking for the hallmarks of an awesome corporate culture, look no further than here. Learn how to spot culture gems from our resident career coach. Read more

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Thinking about getting your WBE? Becka Bates gives six amazing reasons why this is the year to go for it... Read more


Get the inside info on how to nail meeting communication and get your point across... Read more



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It only takes a few minutes with Outcome Health Co-Founder and President Shradha Agarwal to understand how hard work and passion can lead to success. Read more



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The liftUPlift Ally Awards celebrate, connect, and inspire collaboration between the greatest champions of Women Power in Chicago and beyond. Read more

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Women working in the data analytics/business intelligence fields was the topic of discussion at the spring meeting of Chicago’s Tableau Users Group meeting, where more than 100 data experts gathered at DePaul University for a panel discussion. Read more


Cayla Weisberg and Gerry Kahnseiler of InvestHER Ventures talk about how their company helps to provide female entrepreneurs with a non-threatening destination to seek business feedback and capital. Read more



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Dr. Lateefah Stanford talks about her experience in STEM as a research chemist supporting BP refining operations. Read more


In today’s booming tech industry and ever changing business landscape, the term “innovation” is a hot topic that continues to drive progress. 16 years ago, Poonam Gupta-Krishnan put her business savvy to the test and took an entrepreneurial risk, ope Read more

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