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Caryl Stern, President & CEO, UNICEF USA


Caryl Stern, President & CEO, UNICEF USA, talks about the growing needs of child refugees and what we can do to help. Read more


A Leg Up Foundation was built to help single moms in their time of need. Meet Jennifer Wisniewski, a local game-changer. Read more



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Even if Alzheimer's disease doesn't run in your family, cognitive decline can happen to anyone. Ahead, ten tips for keeping your brain sharp and your health in check! Read more


On April 29th, city officials, Chicago professionals and press gathered together to celebrate the Midwest Regionals office 10th Annual United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Gala. Read more

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It seems that our world, especially Chicago, is becoming an increasingly more dangerous place. Many women are behind the efforts that are keeping our city safe—and making a difference. Here are a few local organizations making a difference. Read more


One Million Degrees Food & Wine Benefit provides a beautiful night with amazing food and wine, while raising $650,000 for a great cause. Read more

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A longstanding volunteer dedicated to giving back, Kleber now helps drive the impact that Chicago-based Gesture makes by being a tool for charity partners nationwide and causes ranging from homelessness to the arts to health and medical research. Read more

How She Did It

The Union League Boys & Girls Clubs raised over $300,000 at their 38th Annual Gala held on November 7 at the Union League Club of Chicago. Read more

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Impact 100 Chicago awards annual grants to nonprofits in the Chicagoland area, allowing women to channel philanthropy into direct action. Read more

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Every year, Chicagoans look forward to the Green Tie Ball, sponsored by Chicago Gateway Green. Meet Heather Wolitz, executive director of this annual fundraising fete. Read more

How She Did It

The following is a true story from Desiree, a woman who started her life over with the help of Deborah's Place, one of Chicago's top organizations assisting women who are homeless. Read more


The "She Did It Her Way" Team talks to Kathleen Casey, founder of Bear Necessities, about what it takes to be a successful non-profit. Read more

How She Did It