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Learn how Jeannine Benoit Adams, the founder of fashion company Ready Pretty, took inspiration from failure to start a successful business... Read more

How She Did It

The season of celebrations is upon us—graduations, weddings, summer outings. Now which bubbly fits the occasion. We've broken it down for you. Read more

Food + Recipes

Chicagoans know Alpana Singh as an accomplished sommelier, former TV host, and, most recently, as a restaurateur, with three eateries already in her portfolio. Read more

How She Did It

Allison Reimus gave Chicago Woman the inside scoop on her life as a woman artist and how her vibrant craft has inspired her. Read more

How She Did It

Considering that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, it is important that everyone is informed. The experts at Susan G. Komen share some facts that you should know. Read more



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Fall is just around the corner and the chilly air is creeping in. We have created a roundup of the coziest coffee shops in Chicago to relax in and warm up with a hot cup of joe. Read more



René Romero Schuler

René Romero Schuler sculpts a visceral, 3-D world with oil painting as never seen before. She is a currently a board member of the Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) in Chicago. Read more

How She Did It

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45 years after the Title IX act has been put into place, Elizabeth Connelly, Chair of The Chicago Network, reflects on how Title IX has allowed for substantial improvements, but also details how much work has yet to be done. Read more


Susan Brunstrum, Principal of Sweet Peas Design, is on our The Fierce 50 list—recognizing Chicago women over 50 for their example and inspiration. We asked Brunstrum what makes her fierce and why she thinks women on the main stage are fierce. Read more

How She Did It

Entertaining friends and family for the holidays can be challenging and exhausting. With dietary restrictions and so many glasses and plates to wash, it is easy to start to feel like a restaurant in your own home. Read more