Courtney Mocklow

Ukrainian-born painter Anastasia Mak tells us more about her career, work process, and what being a woman artist means to her. Read more

How She Did It

Artist Brigitte Wolf, originally from Germany, tells us more about her work, what influences her and how she knew she wanted to be an artist. Read more

How She Did It

Gillion Carrara, Director of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Fashion Resource Center, tells us how she finds balance and prepares for each busy week. Read more

How She Did It

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Know someone tying the knot? Check out these fun and fabulous gifts. Read more

Family + Friends

Get out of the house and spend some quality time with your kids in the great outdoors! Chicago has an abundance activities available, such as biking, hiking and even horseback riding. Read more



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Acclaimed author, journalist and cultural critic Anne Elizabeth Moore tells us how she finds inspiration and manages to relax after a long week. Read more

How She Did It

In celebration of Small Business Week, get inspired by these inspirational female business owners from Chicago. Read more



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Donna Davies, Vice President of Urban Expositions, tells us how she likes to wind down, catch up with friends, and find motivation amidst her busy schedule. Read more

How She Did It

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Celebrate Easter Sunday with a sumptuous brunch at one of these top-rated Chicago restaurants. Whether you're looking for an intimate affair to share with close family or an outdoor feast with friends, we've got you covered with this top Read more


Despite designing her own couture collection and having "Project Runway Finalist" attached to her name, fashion designer Shernett Swaby still manages to catch up with friends and find time for herself. Read more

How She Did It


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In recognizing April as National Volunteer Month, we celebrate the many organizations around Chicago working to improve and transform our city, including Chicago Cares. Read more

Give Back

Susan McMillan and Amelia Fonti, commonly referred to as The Ladies, are now making a significant impact on Chicago's culinary scene as gluten-free aficionados and restaurant owners. Read more

How She Did It

Andee Harris, chief engagement officer at HighGround, tells Chicago Woman about employee "returnships" and their role in the workforce. Read more


Legal Services Link, a service connecting attorneys and clients via the web, was born after Matthew Horn went on the hunt for a real estate attorney, but faced frustrating trouble finding a suitable and affordable choice. Read more

How She Did It

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Tom VanEynde

Artist of the Week is an on-going series profiling an exceptional Chicago-based artist. This week, we present Brenda Moore, a visual artist and teacher at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. Read more

How She Did It

Kate Mahoney, former executive director of PEER Services, has been selected as the new head of the Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute for Mental Health Education (NRCI). Read more


Online dating can either pair you with a perfectly-matched candidate, or completely let you down. A recent Consumer Reports Survey finds the specifics of our society's satisfaction with digital dating sites and apps. Read more


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This Valentine's Day, go against tradition and skip the romantic dinner you might have already planned with your partner. Mix things up a bit and check out these five unconventional V-Day ideas. Read more

In a post-election world riddled with anger, despair and fear, use these three useful political initiatives to fight back and create change. Read more


A little over three years ago, Jacqueline Russell was searching for a home for her children’s theater program and stumbled upon a space not typically associated with children or theater – a police station. Read more

How She Did It