Nicole Alexander talked to Chicago Woman about what drives her to success, her favorite thing about Chicago, and the challenges she has learned from. Read more

How She Did It

The tennis superstar, Venus Williams, debuts her tennis lounge and hotel suite at Midtown Athletic Club from her V Starr Interiors team. Read more


Chicago lifestyle and home brand Mitchell Black is well known for their art, wallpaper, and decor. And the new line, a collaboration with designer Lori Paranjape, is a graphic delight that is designed to please. Read more


Before you commit to five gallons of the season's hottest color to your bedroom wall, consider a few things before you pull out the paint roller. Read more



Nick Novelli NovelliPhotoDe

Award-winning Chicago- and Michigan-based design firm Fredman Design Group has a new CEO and we have the scoop! Read more

How She Did It

Interior Designer and owner of Center By Design, Claire Staszak, offers inspiration for creating an elegant look for your home featuring accents of gold and floral print. Read more


The president of Bluedog Design and her team are branding consultants to major food companies and products. With over 38,000 products sold in an average grocery store, it takes a team of experts to gain the attention of shoppers. Read more

, How She Did It

Michael Del Piero, a 2016 DreamHome Designer and the creative force behind Michael Del Piero Good Design, has shared six easy ways to incorporate those souvenirs and impulse purchases from your travels into your home. Read more


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