Saving money? Not the most glamorous of topics, but definitely worth paying attention to. Check out these 20 money-saving ideas that are painless and actually work! Read more


Money served as my life boat - it kept me afloat and safe from the sea of the unknown. And I knew, deep down, I so badly wanted to dive in and see where the unknown would take me! Read more


UBS Financial Services shares advice regarding women and retirement through the lens of the iconic sitcom. Read more


Mohini McCormick, Senior Wealth Advisor for Calamos Wealth Management, sheds light on how to make efficient financial decisions during times of change. Read more


Stressing about finances? Wealth advisors, Mohini McCormick and Christina Castrejon share tips with Chicago Woman over achieving peace of mind when it comes to money. Read more

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Christina Castrejon, a wealth advisor for Naperville's Calamos Wealth Management, explains how women can efficiently save for retirement and make that saving a priority. Read more


Wealth Advisor, Laurie P. Barry, shares the most important steps to discovering your personal financial goals! Read more


You need to know your profit margins, fixed and variable costs, seasonality in your cash flows, employee benefit trends and costs, and other risk factors that can create unexpected costs. Read more


Many women believe that when they meet Mr. Right they will then begin to plan for their future especially financially. Why wait on someone else to show up to be fabulous? Better to be Ms. Right, right now, since a man isn't a financial plan. Read more

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Planning your financial future requires two key traits which are women's strengths: Problem solving and competence. Annette Findling helps women act fearlessly and conquer the financial frontier. Read more


With the election within weeks, the economy will certainly be affected by the outcome. Our democracy has proven over and over that it is resilient in the face of challenge. There are all sorts of reasons to feel optimistic about the overall economy. Read more


When you're facing difficult circumstances, it might be hard to think positively about the state of your finances. Here are 3 tips by nationally recognized financial and empowerment coach Janice Goldman on how to make sure you thrive financially. Read more


If you are like most of us, you will more than likely have to build up your finances before reaching a place where you are comfortable with investing. Here are 4 tips from Allen Shayanfekr, co-founder and principal of SHARESTATES. Read more




Often times car buying can be a stressful and intimidating ordeal. However, with these 6 tips you can make sure that you don't pay too much and that you are purchasing the right car for you and your lifestyle. Read more


Here are some of the most important things you can do for your teen to teach her or him about money during these first, impressionable experiences with income. Read more


Britain’s vote to exit from the European Union has been labeled a “messy divorce” that could lead to even further economic uncertainty than the immediate 500 point drop and rebound in the Dow. Read more


Women can use their financial influence by investing in companies that have greater gender diversity within their businesses. Here's why you should consider investing in companies that are more focused on gender equality than their peers. Read more

If your wedding is right around the corner, you’re probably knee-deep in planning for the big day. But along with wedding planning, don’t forget to make room for marriage planning. Read more


The successful wealth advisor and former president of the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago, Laurie Barry, tells us about her career, her inspirations, and why setting goals is so important. Read more

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