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For those who are just sick of hearing the “positivity” on repeat, this is for you. And P.S. Achieving a positive attitude 100% of the time is not going to happen, so please don’t beat yourself up over being perfect Read more


Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the “I have to do something for the someone special in my life” frenzy of over-priced cards, dinners or chocolates. But did you ever think that you are the someone special in your life? Read more


It's officially Spring! A time known to de-clutter your home and wardrobe, but what about your mind? The Barre Code shows us how to de-clutter our minds to get the most out of our workout. Read more


Whitney Reynolds interviews Chez Smith, Founder of Gyrls In The H.O.O.D. Foundation. Read more

Next Generation

It’s about time you come out of your complexes and face the world boldly no matter what your size or shape is. Let’s beat body shaming together by creating awareness. You! take a look... Read more


If you struggle to find a happy balance with healthy eating, you’re not alone, and it’s possible you’re simply unsure where to start. We're here with some simple tips and tricks on how you can embark on your clean-eating journey... Read more



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Not just your routine Hatha or Vinyasa, step out of the studio and check out our list of some of the most exciting yoga classes in Chicago... Read more


Considering that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, it is important that everyone is informed. The experts at Susan G. Komen share some facts that you should know. Read more



Annie Theby

Being a mother while holding a job can be exciting but challenging all at once. Finding the balance between being a good parent and being a great employee at work may seem tough, but these businesses are stepping in to support these working mothers. Read more

Office Culture

Dr. Jason Jared of TRIFACTIVE Sports Injury + Performance Clinic provides tips for staying active with age. Read more


Question: I hate flossing my teeth—is it really necessary to do it every single day? Read more



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If you’re a woman of childbearing age there are a few simple things to know before you jet off to your dream destination to avoid putting you, your partner, or a potential child at risk of contracting the Zika virus disease. Read more


We often ask trusted friends and practitioners, “what do you do to stay healthy and fit?” The usual answer is a new workout routine or diet. But some simple additions to your nutrition plan can make an impact on your wellness. Read more

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Dentist Tiffany Jozwiak

Dr. Tiffany Jozwiakis answers your burning questions and concerns regarding dental care. Read more



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Even if Alzheimer's disease doesn't run in your family, cognitive decline can happen to anyone. Ahead, ten tips for keeping your brain sharp and your health in check! Read more


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    young woman walking outdoors smiling - happiness, positive emotions, getting away from it all concept

    young woman walking outdoors smiling - happiness, positive emotions, getting away from it all concept

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