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As I've grown older, managing my own business and family have taken precedent so finding a fitness routine that works for my lifestyle was a deliberate decision but also a necessity... Read more



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As the days become colder and daylight quite shorter, we feel the need to leave the months of fresh garden salads behind in exchange for something hearty and comforting. Here are three comfort foods that won't expand your waistline. Read more


A new era of order-at-the-counter restaurants is in town; many have eco-consciousness at the core of their brand and opt for local and organic produce when possible. Inventive smoothies, salads, grain bowls and wraps are on the menus. Read more

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Cooking up Change VIP Reception celebrates the continuation of its goal to empower culinary high school students to create healthy dishes to be served at lunch. Read more


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Dr. Albers recommends a variety of simple practices to increase mindfulness, which can lead to reduced stress, better food choices and improved emotional intelligence. Read more


Restaurant chains like LYFE Kitchen are making it easier to eat out and be healthy by offering a variety of soups, salads, sandwiches, meats, fish, and more under 600 calories. Read more

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Everyone’s favorite fast casual Mexican eatery now makes it possible to dine out and be healthy. All Burrito Beach locations have rolled out a healthy, calorie-conscious, fresh and tasty new menu! Read more

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