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It's time to get back to school already. Here are some great apps and resources to help keep your sanity as you get back into school-mode. Read more

Family + Friends

A land of saunas, Santa and smiles, discover five reasons why Finland is the happiest place on earth and should be on your must-visit destination list... Read more



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Are you nutritionally confused? Dietitian Andrea Rudser-Rusin simplifies things... Read more



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Make sure you're sending the right message with a few easy to try communication tips that could really make all the difference... Read more


K. Sujata, CEO of The Chicago Foundation for Women talks about the ongoing efforts to protest the artist and his music in light of allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse. Read more



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After a long winter spent cooped up inside, it's hard not to dream of open skies and lying out under the stars. Discover ideas for glamping or range style vacations... Read more



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You could say this is a victory for all of us. A recent Chicago Tribune analysis of Illinois’ largest publicly traded companies shows that women now represent 44 percent of new directorships. Read more



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Ernest Hemingway once said, “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” To that, I add: If you aren’t sure if you’re in love, on vacation you’ll find out! Read more


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Get your French foodie game on with our guide of the chicest and most delicious culinary spots in Chicago... Read more