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The beginning of the year puts us in the spirit of improvement, and that’s true in the love department as well! Get expert tips on relationships and dating... Read more



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Ever wondered whether or not your should be breathing through your nose or mouth? General dentist Dr. Tiffany Jozwiak clears the air. Read more



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We spoke with Second City instructor Becca Barish about the comedy institution's Improv for Anxiety classes and Wellness Program Read more


Whether you just bought your first plant on a whim or you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to bring one home, our tips from some of Chicago’s plant experts will help you navigate plant parenthood. Read more


A land of saunas, Santa and smiles, discover five reasons why Finland is the happiest place on earth and should be on your must-visit destination list... Read more



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Ernest Hemingway once said, “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” To that, I add: If you aren’t sure if you’re in love, on vacation you’ll find out! Read more


Chicago Foundation for Women is powering initiatives in Englewood to support women and girls to achieve economic security and build a better future for themselves and their families... Read more

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Shop local, support small businesses and pick up a truly original and chic wedding gift for your loved ones with our line-up of the six top Chicago women-run stores... Read more


For those of us who love plants and the way they bring our spaces to life, getting them back to our homes can be a challenge. Get more greenery in your life with our expert tips... Read more



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From flower arranging to calligraphy, cooking to cocktails, master your hosting skills with our list of the top classes in the Chicago area to help your dinner party be that bit extra... Read more


Summer travel can be expensive and crowded! Think outside the box and visit a destination in its off-peak period. Here's our line-up of top spots... Read more


Acne is external expression of an internal imbalance—medications and skin product can only go so far. Dr. Shayna E. Peter explores the internal factors that may be causing those breakouts. Read more


As a gynecologist, the concept of “loving your body” takes on a slightly different perspective. Ok, a really different perspective. Discover Lauren Streicher MD's take... Read more



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The United States ranks dead last in industrialized nations for paid maternity leave. Discover four ways you can start to push for change in Illinois... Read more


How one woman embraced herself and built a company. Chris-tia Donaldson shares her story... Read more

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The month of June unmistakably reigns as the most popular month for weddings. Along with the event planning, consider gifting each other with relationship planning, too... Read more




Kathy Chlan on motherhood and how to cope with the challenges of parenting... Read more

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Divorce often causes significant financial stress. Anyone contemplating or litigating a divorce needs to prioritize financial planning. Read more


Not a fan of a gym? Fitness doesn't have to be confined to the treadmill or the elliptical, instead discover a raft of fun and unique alternatives in Chicago to help get you in shape... Read more

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The internet can be a noisy place, especially for the continuing conversation about what Feminism really means and whom is included in the dialogue. Discover Feminist Speakeasy, an intersectional lifestyle brand by Dasha Guyton Read more