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For those who are just sick of hearing the “positivity” on repeat, this is for you. And P.S. Achieving a positive attitude 100% of the time is not going to happen, so please don’t beat yourself up over being perfect Read more


Money served as my life boat - it kept me afloat and safe from the sea of the unknown. And I knew, deep down, I so badly wanted to dive in and see where the unknown would take me! Read more


It's a tale as old as time: Show up at work, grind 9-5, go home, wake up, repeat. But what if that's not the work life you want? Then look no further than Liz Traines, certified career and lifestyle coach, and see how you can find real flexibility. Read more


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Corporate roles have gotten a bad rap recently. Yet corporate culture can be incredible! If you're looking for the hallmarks of an awesome corporate culture, look no further than here. Learn how to spot culture gems from our resident career coach. Read more

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You've heard of work/life balance, but is it really achievable or are we setting ourselves up for failure? Rather than trying to "balance," here are some tips to instead celebrate the various aspects of our life and integrate them as best as possible Read more


I hope that your awareness of these few points below may help you live more in alignment with what feels authentic to you and helps you process your #MeToo moment (whether you are a man or woman***) Read more

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