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Sandra Holl, executive chef and co-owner of Floriole, stays busy throughout the week running her cafe/bakery. Check out what this busy Chicago woman does to unwind over the weekend. Read more

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Today is Mentoring Day, and to honor our incredible Board members who have inspired and mentored us at Chicago Woman, a few of the women share with us the importance of having mentor. Read more


Abby Hornacek is the co-host of The Rally and daughter of longtime NBA Star and New York Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek. As a woman in a male-dominated profession, shares how she overcomes the obstacles she faces and how sports empower young girls. Read more

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Uma Vaiyapuri and Vineeta Santoshi launched Chutney Devis (Devi means Goddess in Sanskrit) in February of 2016. They specialize in regional South Indian cuisine and make all of their products in small batches. Read more

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Artist of the Week is an on-going series profiling an exceptional Chicago-based artist. This week, we bring to you painter Mary Porterfield. Read more

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Andrea Levoff, is a former stand-up comedian, who recently launched a web series called Dope Ass Mom Tips that has done extremely well. In the series, she features her own experiences as a mother to connect with her audiences. Read more

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Real estate agent Nicole Duran has the kind of schedule most people wouldn't know how to deal with. Find out what she does to take some much-needed time to pamper herself and unwind. Read more

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Kim Wargo is the Head of School of a new high school coming to Chicago in Fall 2017- GEMS World Academy Chicago. Here, she shares with us what this unique school will bring to its students and to the city of Chicago. Read more


TEDxOakParkWomen Talks deliver inspiration to women and Chicagoans, expanding the city's understanding of women's issues. Read more


Author Toko Loshe relives her childhood during the apartheid years in her novel Shades of Africa and tells Chicago Woman more about it. Read more


The vagina and its many parts are still a mystery to many, even to us women. Guardian US data editor Mona Chalabi and video producer Mae Ryan have created Vagina Dispatches, a four-part video series to help educate women about their bodies. Read more


Ever wondered about the dating customs found all around the world? This rather cute infographic will show you various dating practices, or lack there of, in and outside of the United States. Read more


With her approach to fighting acne at home with the products you use before getting into her studio, you're bound to see results before you even get a facial. Here, Daniela explains what you need to know to cure those pesky little buggers. Read more


On this quiet September day, take the time to remember those who risked their lives to save others on September 11, 2001. Read more

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The Voice finalist Sarah Potenza knew early on that she was different because of her size. In her new music video "Monster," she talks about the reality of what bigger women go through and how she goes about embracing herself as she is, despite it. Read more


Rebecca Ballard, founder of socially conscious clothing line Maven Women, talks about the inspiration behind her line and how it benefits everyone involved. Read more

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We've all been there, the dress in our luggage gets wrinkled, our bra strap is showing outside that cute sleeveless top or our jeans are making it look like we have cankles. Don't fret, with these mini-lifesavers on hand, you'll always look polished. Read more


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Q&A with Erika Wozniak and Jen Sabella, hosts of The Girl Talk Read more

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Any parent can tell you that navigating the vast education landscape of the city can be daunting, regardless of their grade level. We talk to experts at every stage of development to learn more about options that Chicago has to offer its children. Read more

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The Field Museum announces new exhibition "Antarctic Dinosaurs," made possible by a $5.5 million grant from the Kenneth C. Charitable Fund. Read more

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ThinkCERCA is a software platform and tool enabling educators to create customized lesson plans across disciplines and track students' progress. Headed up by Eileen Murphy, her career as a school administrator has segued into the tech sphere. Read more

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