May/June 2017 Magazine


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After Kathryn Pisco spent nine months volunteering in 20 countries, the idea for Unearth the World was born. Read more

Give Back


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Why is it that men still dominate STEM and tech? Read more


From surfing to medicine balls to pilates with wine, there are plenty of workouts out there to suit every personality! Read more


If the shores of Lake Michigan are not enough, jet off to paradise. Off-season pricing can be a steal! Read more


Traveling to Europe this summer? Take a look at our chic picks perfect for a European night out. Read more


Chicago women have made their mark in the world of STEM. We talked to some notable names in the field about their work and why the industry needs to do a better job attracting and retaining female talent. Read more


Feyi Olopade Ayodele: CEO, Cancer IQ, Inc., talks about the story behind the launch of Cancer IQ and how it will impact people's lives. Read more


We caught up with AMT Jewelry designer Alecia Tank Bern to chat about why jewelry is so important to us and about her new collection. Read more



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Hitting the road this summer? Download these helpful apps before your trip! Read more


Check out our list of locally-sourced restaurants, with either female chefs or chef-owners, providing the city with healthy and fresh dishes. Read more

Food + Recipes

Erika Gilchrist talks about the success of her web show-turned-book series featuring more than 100 female authors sharing the stories of their lives. Read more

How She Did It



K. Sujata, CEO, Chicago Foundation for Women, shares her thoughts on increasing the number of women in the tech field. Read more


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Dentist Tiffany Jozwiak

Dr. Tiffany Jozwiakis answers your burning questions and concerns regarding dental care. Read more


Cayla Weisberg and Gerry Kahnseiler of InvestHER Ventures talk about how their company helps to provide female entrepreneurs with a non-threatening destination to seek business feedback and capital. Read more


A private middle and high school, Fusion Academy provides a positive yet unusual learning environment for its students, for whom traditional education is just not working. Read more

Family + Friends

Wealth management can be a rewarding career path for women, highlighting their natural talents and tendencies. Read more


Need to up your networking game? Check out these five downtown private clubs perfect for networking! Read more



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Divorce attorney Gemma Allen tells us how prenups can be effectively used in navigating both marriage and divorce. Read more


Brave Initiatives helps to prime young women to be the tech stars of the future. Read more

Next Generation

A Leg Up Foundation was built to help single moms in their time of need. Meet Jennifer Wisniewski, a local game-changer. Read more