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Lisa B. Frank—CEO of LBF Recruitment Strategies, a woman-owned executive search and career coaching firm—shares her tips for overcoming anxiety when networking, so you can leave any event or social situation feeling confident. Read more


As Chicago Woman's journey to establish itself as “the voice” for Chicago women, we have gotten to know some amazing individuals that share in our mission to empower, inform, support and inspire women. We are proud to have them as part of our team. Read more


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Give Back

Nicole Yeary has grown Ms. Tech into an 1871-based membership organization that provides education and networking events that help women who have launched technology-based ventures find the resources they need to scale their businesses. Read more

How She Did It

The playground isn't that much different than the office—the archetypes are the same. Just as children grow and develop, so can adults in their professional lives. Great leaders were not born great. Like everything else in life, it takes hard work. Read more

Office Culture

Networking allows professionals to establish beneficial relationships and make new connections in their field. Read more


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