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Chicago's only women's magazine features Loretta Rosenmayer, Founder and CEO of Intren on the November/December cover. This issue also features other notable Chicago women such as Terri Brax of Women Tech Founders, Amanda Lannert of Jellyvision Lab, Kate Maehr of the Greater Chicago Food Depository and more!

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Our magazine is also chock-full of content covering entrepreneurial spirits, decision-makers and trailblazers, as well as essentials like power lunch spots, home decor tips, and beauty bests. We'll be doling out the content on our website over the next few weeks, but if you're impatient, you can read the entire digital version. We hope you're as inspired reading FW: Chicago as we were putting it together for you. 

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RefugeeOne, a nonprofit organization in the Uptown neighborhood, helps refugees resettle in Chicago. Read more


Terri Brax cofounded Women Tech Founders (WTF), a media and networking organization for women founders and leaders of tech start­ups. Read more

How She Did It

Each month we keep you updated on the best beauty services and styles in Chicago. This month check out A | K Glam, Wulkfa, Ortanic and more. Read more



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Check out our ideas for saving time and setting the mood during this busy holiday season! Read more


Chicago-based artist Sandra Abbo calls on nature and the city’s urban landscape to inform her multi-media pieces. Read more

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Here’s your monthly list of important things to take note of, featuring the Trello app, Proxfinity, Working Girl Inc., and more. Read more

How She Did It

Check out these recommended style and home list — Attalie Dexter, Maria Pinto, Nyet jewelry, Styled book from Emily Henderson and more. Read more



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The eyes are the windows to the soul – and so is a woman’s purse. Check out what’s in acupuncturist and herbalist Jin H. Ngan’s. Read more

Quick tips

Learn about the driving force behind INTREN, Loretta Rosenmayer, and how she became a woman of power. Read more

How She Did It

Networking allows professionals to establish beneficial relationships and make new connections in their field. Read more


When one thinks of the construction field, a young woman with a blonde ponytail might not immediately come to mind. But Minnesota native Samantha Randby is actually the face of a changing industry. Read more

How She Did It

Kate Maehr of the Greater Chicago Food Depository takes on the hunger issue and helps people break the cycle of poverty. Read more


An inheritance, a great stock, or property investments are surefire ways people have acquired wealth, but there’s another proven approach to wealth-building: entrepreneurship. Read more


The holidays are a perfect time to rekindle the romance with your significant other. Tantalizingly-wrapped presents are important, but intangible gifts can mean more. Gemma Allen shares insights on keeping the romance going through the holidays. Read more


​As the chief executive at Jellyvision Lab, Amanda Lannert sets the tone at the Lincoln Park-based tech communications company. FW: Chicago recently paid a visit to the Jellyvision Lab offices to discuss the firm’s well-known company culture, cultiva Read more

How She Did It