sexual equality

Inclusion PART 1. The Whitney Reynolds Show investigates part 1 of their inclusion series and this time it's on: Sexual Orientation. We see how far we've come as a nation and learn about the work that still needs to be done. Read more

Think About It

Starting a conversation with your kids about how to navigate a world in which girls and women are sexualized constantly, is a tricky task. Obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Laurie Berdahl has some ideas on how you can teach your kids to be more mindful. Read more

Family + Friends

Nation’s leading sex therapist, Dr. Laura Berman, reveals why everything you think about sex could be wrong. Read more


Could gender equality equal less sex for couples? Nationally renowned sex therapist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Laura Berman believes it is possible. She explains that ’50/50’ relationships could lead to less sex. Read more


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