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As millions look ahead to Thanksgiving with trepidation about overeating, I’d like to focus on the most fundamental staples of the Thanksgiving meal that will help prevent overeating not just on Turkey Day, but year round: the act of giving thanks. Read more



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Roughly 19 million Americans wear fitness trackers to help them manage their weight but, tracking behaviors alone isn’t enough to create lasting results. Being mindful can help. Read more


It's easy to overeat when you're bored and need something else to keep you busy while sitting at your desk. Here are three tips to kick that pesky little habit to the curb and look fabulous doing it. Read more


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You're the working woman who makes time for everyone but yourself. The one thing you want is to shed the pounds you put on during the winter. Don't fret, these tips will help you get to where you want to be without hampering your busy schedule! Read more


Stay healthy during the holidays and try these tips from Equinox Group Fitness Manager Julie Bells and keep off the couch and the trans-fat. Read more


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Eight ways to work out outside in Chicago this summer that are guaranteed to keep you bikini ready all season long! Read more