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While there may be no such thing as a secret recipe for success, this piece gets you pretty close with what we like to call strategic deconstruction. Learn more from branding expert, Karianne Wardell of Get Lofti. Read more


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Corporate roles have gotten a bad rap recently. Yet corporate culture can be incredible! If you're looking for the hallmarks of an awesome corporate culture, look no further than here. Learn how to spot culture gems from our resident career coach. Read more

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It's a tale as old as time: Show up at work, grind 9-5, go home, wake up, repeat. But what if that's not the work life you want? Then look no further than Liz Traines, certified career and lifestyle coach, and see how you can find real flexibility. Read more


Yvonne Lyngaas is no stranger to hard work and proving that entrepreneurship is about a long term game, as the founder of Monarch and Company. Read more


Those of us running our own companies stand together tall and strong every day. I was very lucky to have a wonderful mentor who helped me with my business success. It's my hope that I can make a difference by passing along some of her wisdom as well. Read more


Four ways to attract top millennial talent Read more


Personal branding. If you're in the business world, you've heard these two little words before, but what do they mean? Tania Haigh, founder and CEO of marketing services company Magnolia Insights, is here to explain how you can build yours. Read more



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Chicago is the world capital for women tech founders with 30% of all tech start-ups being led by women. The result? This list of leading female founders (and the women who help fund them) are bringing fresh ideas. Read more


Jennifer Holmgren heads up Lanzatech in Skokie—the world’s leading waste-gas-to-biofuels company. She is a local woman who is helping ensure our world and environment is a better place for us all tomorrow. Read more

How She Did It

Founding Moms is a platform for like-minded women to connect entrepreneurial mothers. Starting with founder Jill Salzman's own desire to learn from others like her, Founding Moms has grown to become a national community with over 10,000 members. Read more

How She Did It

Dima Elissa, CEO of VisMed 3D, is bringing 3D modeling to healthcare and academic institutions for surgical treatments and training. With a business background and interest in medicine, Elissa is improving the lives and outcomes of patients using 3D Read more

How She Did It

FinTech is booming in Chicago and Kristi Ross, Co-CEO of dough, Inc and Founder of tastytrade, is at the forefront. Both companies attract women and millennials especially, to the investing front—the next generation of do-it-yourself investors. Read more

How She Did It