Nicole Alexander talked to Chicago Woman about what drives her to success, her favorite thing about Chicago, and the challenges she has learned from. Read more

How She Did It


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As with most television shows, what we see on our screens is not real life. Orange Is The New Black is no exception. Women prisons are fraught with inequities and issues that are based in gender issues. Read more



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This skincare trend has been around for a few years now, but it has really just started to hit the beauty scene full force. A cosmetic tattoo that actually looks exactly like a set of brows? We know you have questions, so we've got answers! Read more


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Has your skin been feeling a bit lackluster lately? Ahead, four products that contain the two main ingredients you absolutely must have in your beauty routine. Read more


Venture For Women & Diversity, founded by Michael Donnelly, is a summit completely focused on supporting women and empowering minority-run businesses. Read more


Women-Owned businesses thrive from attaining certification through the Women's Business Development Center. Emilia DiMenco shares three easy tips to guide you through the process. Read more


TEDxOakParkWomen Talks deliver inspiration to women and Chicagoans, expanding the city's understanding of women's issues. Read more


Planning your financial future requires two key traits which are women's strengths: Problem solving and competence. Annette Findling helps women act fearlessly and conquer the financial frontier. Read more


What women doesn't strive for those long, thick, glamorous Hollywood lashes? Sure you can get temporary lash extension applied, but why spend the time and cash when we've found 4 easy at home solutions for you without the hassle! Read more


Beauty maintenance is a real thing and can be redundant at times, so let us get you out of your funk! We have rounded up 3 top nail trends for the fall season on our must-try list. From metallic to vampy and some green in between, give them all a try Read more


The vagina and its many parts are still a mystery to many, even to us women. Guardian US data editor Mona Chalabi and video producer Mae Ryan have created Vagina Dispatches, a four-part video series to help educate women about their bodies. Read more


The jumpsuit is a perfect transitional piece from summer to fall and we love one that offers versatility! We have styled our favorite fashion forward (and super comfy, we might add) option this season. See how you can dress this piece up or down! Read more


Women, in particular, are often admired or envied for their beautiful hair. So, it’s understandable that thinning hair is an especially delicate subject. The truth is, however, more and more women are experiencing thinning hair. Read more




Tired of heading to the pool and beach with your hair down just to have a tangled mess when you get home? Adam Bogucki from Lumination Salon has style ideas for every hair-length to jazz it up and keep it put. Read more


These lady astronauts bravely took flight, going farther than any other women had as explorers, commanders and pioneers of the final frontier. Read more


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  • How to Create Growth Opportunities in Any Job

    How to Create Growth Opportunities in Any Job

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