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As a woman entrepreneur, wife and mom to two little boys, the question I am probably asked the most is “How do you balance being a working mom.” And to be honest, I’ve always taken issue with this question. Read more

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It's a tale as old as time: Show up at work, grind 9-5, go home, wake up, repeat. But what if that's not the work life you want? Then look no further than Liz Traines, certified career and lifestyle coach, and see how you can find real flexibility. Read more


You've heard of work/life balance, but is it really achievable or are we setting ourselves up for failure? Rather than trying to "balance," here are some tips to instead celebrate the various aspects of our life and integrate them as best as possible Read more



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Since science has proven the “desk job” to be the new smoking, taking ten years off your life being sedentary and stressed with deadlines, how do we then avoid stress and anxiety in the workplace? Read more


Priti Patel, chief practice officer at LIFE XT, gives us a few tips on how to be more productive at work while also minimizing stress. Read more

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There comes a time in many women’s lives when they have to make a choice about their career. Mine came in the spring of 2014 after welcoming my first child. Read more


The ever-elusive live/work/family balance is a challenge for most women. Few have mastered it. Kathleen Henson has some wise words on debunking the idea of balance altogether. Read more