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With two sets of triplets in 19 months, Stacey Cavanagh's legal career was going to change direction. While her situation is somewhat unique, the obstacles that women face when confronted with the demands of career and family are not. Read more

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With the right perspective, a lot of preparation, and some strategies for staying connected, traveling for work as a parent can be very manageable. It may even be a little bit fun. Bright Horizons shares tips for working parents who travel. Read more

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Ericka N. Perry founded The Stork Bag to meet the needs of pregnant women through a subscription service for expectant mothers. Read more

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Not that you need an excuse to spend time outdoors during the summer—but outdoor play boosts fitness and decreases the risk of childhood obesity; increases focus and academic achievement; and reduces stress and increases feelings of well-being. Read more

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The ever-elusive live/work/family balance is a challenge for most women. Few have mastered it. Kathleen Henson has some wise words on debunking the idea of balance altogether. Read more


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So often we feel guilty setting limits with our children. But setting limits, particularly when it “hurts us more than it does them,” shows them we care. We must remember we are not our children’s friend, but their most influential role model. Read more

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Thinking of turning a passion into a profitable business? Chicagoan Susie Romans has successfully turned a lifestyle blog and experience as a social media manager into a career as an online marketing expert for small businesses. Learn how she did it. Read more

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Since founding Henson Consulting, her award-winning PR firm, in 2001, Kathleen Henson has expertly raised the profiles of local and national brands. The mother of five talks about why she started her own company and what is in store for 2016. Read more


Wondering what to do in your down time this month? Here’s our unique ideas, from yoga to learning a new language. Read more


A new book explains the professional lives of working mothers to young children, while reminding them that mommy still loves them even when she is busy at the office. Read more

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