YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

YWCA Leader Luncheon

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YWCA Metropolitan Chicago's 44th Annual Leader Luncheon raised over $750,000 and honored Chicago-bred leaders who have changed lives at home and far beyond. Read more

Give Back

The YWCA Metropolitan Chicago's TechGYRLS program encourages Chicago-area girls to explore STEAM—Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math—fostering problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and self-directed learning. Read more


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Julie Smolyansky; Photo by Heather Talbert

Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway Foods and inspiring activist, shares her Inspiration List with us, complete with her recommended reads, must-see films and organizations we should know about. Read more


In March 2015, Uber made a pledge to economically empower one million women as drivers by 2020. To drive toward that commitment, Uber has partnered with local groups like YWCA Metropolitan Chicago in recruiting women as driver partners. Read more

Next Generation

Dorru McWhorter

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The CEO of YWCA Metropolitan Chicago has embarked on a mission to move the organization into the 21st century and empower women in our community. Read more

Next Generation

Fashion lovers had a chance to peek at Tamara Mellon's new collection and support YWCA Metropolitan Chicago's work assisting women. Read more

Give Back