Through a little bit of life experience and some straight thinking, you realize it makes sense to plan your meals ahead of time. I don’t mean an hour ahead of time, but, say, a week or two ahead of time. Many of us will resist the sound of such a grand plan since it seems like a lot of time and energy expenditure. But those who do it report back that it actually saves time, and lots of it. Having a week’s night of supper ready in the fridge will save you hours of precious time. It will also take the stress of that depressing thought off your shoulders when it occurs to you at work: ‘It’s almost evening time and I’m starving. What am I going to eat when I get home?’ Simplify your weeknight meals with the elegance of meal assembly.

What is meal assembly?

What is meal assembly

Meal assembly can refer to the service of providing the necessary cooking utensils and ingredients for the home preparation of specific meals. Sometimes the meal assembly kitchen is part of a franchise. Customers are allowed to choose to receive pre-assembled meals or to come into the facility and assemble the meals themselves.

If you try this out, you’ll find an interesting experience awaiting you. You’ll have your own prepared workstations stocked with precise ingredients. These ingredients are mostly fresh and healthy and have already been washed, chopped, and sliced for you. It’ll be very therapeutic to follow the step-by-step instructions as to how to prepare the dish at hand. And afterward, what should you find ready for your use but an array of convenient storage containers?

This interesting new business concept is on the flourish. But it is something we can all do in our own kitchens on a regular basis. Through planning the mass preparation of well-balanced meals, we can ensure we eat the right things whenever we eat and don’t end up skipping over the main food groups for meals at a time. We may not realize it, but there is a price to pay for neglecting to get the proper nutrition. Our bodies can’t keep going on insufficient fuel forever. Something in the machine will have to give. So that’s the first benefit of meal assembly.

benefit of meal assembly

It might seem tedious to actually bring yourself to plan, shop, and cook a bulk serving of supper. This will take at least a few hours. You don’t have the time for that! Not true. You don’t have the time not to do that. You will save hours and hours of time in the evenings that you would have spent cooking, waiting for cooking to happen, and cleaning up. For the whole week or more you’ll be cruising through supper. True, you went through a long cook at the beginning. But there was only one clean-up, and you saved all the time that you would have had to wait for warming and boiling and roasting for each of six nights. When you simplify your weeknight meals, you’ll find you have much more time than you’re used to.

Some people feel there would be no other way to manage than this way. Examples are single-parent families or families in which both parents work. It is not a small challenge to work up the will to cook, some nights. Make sure, say, on a Sunday when you have some time, that it’s done for the entire week. To simplify your weeknight meals in this way will have a massive effect on the morale you need to keep flowing in order to get through the week. You’ll finally have time to read, catch up on sleep, or listen to music.

Just a word or two about preparation for your noble goal – to simplify your weeknight meals. Buying in bulk indeed saves you money. Choose your bulk items carefully. Can they be used for more than one thing? Find several recipes you can follow, all of which make use of your bulk ingredients. And since you’re taking the time to prepare your meals now, why not make them as balanced as they’re supposed to be? Make clean vegetables eating a big part of your supper. You’re not in a rush now, so what’s your excuse not to?

How your life will improve when you simplify your weeknight meals.

How your life will improve when you simplify your weeknight meals

The really practical benefits you’ll find in all this will come as a result of breaking out of the restaurant and fast-food supper habit. A restaurant supper sounds tempting now that you’re hungry and it is late and you’re too tired to cook. But supper will be over in a matter of minutes, and you will have paid about five times as much money for supper then you would have if you’d cooked it yourself. Who, these days, can afford to ignore that saving?

And what working people are realizing more and more each day is that homemade food is much better for you than takeaway food. It’s absolutely true that restaurant food is higher in calories than home-cooked food. It’s also higher in sodium, carbohydrates, sugar, and saturated fats. It has less vegetable content and good fiber too.

Home cookers live longer lives: it’s a fact. Simplify your weeknight meals now and start training yourself in meal assembly. Don’t wait until your age is more advanced and the damage to your body is already done. Change your habits now. You can do it.

Through cooking your own meals, you’ll know exactly what goes in them, because you bought the ingredients yourself. You’ll be sure no unwelcome allergens make an appearance at lunch. It’s known that restaurants often assure customers with allergies that an allergen has no place in a dish’s ingredients, but in fact, it is present. You can’t trust a takeaway chef with your life. If you are allergic to peanuts or something else potentially lethal, you have a downright obligation to simplify your weeknight meals.

Another benefit noted by meal assemblers is this one. When a meal assembler goes shopping, he is as focused as an arrow. He knows what he does not need to buy. Since he is single-mindedly pondering the chicken casserole he longs for, he will also take notice of items already in the house that he might make use of. Unnecessary purchases and food wastage will be saved, and so will a not inconsiderable amount of money.

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