You must have heard the term balancing act somewhere in your everyday life but are you able to comprehend its meaning? Those that apply this principle must know what it means. The balancing act is a technique to manage two or more tasks or things at a given standard time. Humans have a great tendency to follow principles such as this to complete tasks on time and to fulfill their work and home life requirements. For decades people have been trying to find a perfect balance between their work and home life, school, and social life, family and friends’ life, using the balancing act. But in these uncertain times, this technique has seemed to stop working for many people. Experts have put their emphasis on a new idea that goes something like this; quite the balancing act, try integrating instead.

This statement entirely changes the dynamics of the boundaries between people’s personal and work life. Integrating means keeping the two extremes together instead of trying to balance them on a scale. ‘Quit the balancing act’ suggests dissolving the boundaries separating work and home life and moving forward by joining one with the other for an improved life.

Quit The Balancing Act And Try Integrating Instead

Quit the Balancing Act and Try Integrating Instead

In our busy lives, the idea of following a balanced life seems like a dream, which is one of the many reasons the balancing act has started losing its credibility. The notion of achieving an admirable work-life balance has somewhat become outdated. Like the new trends the teens have adopted, working people are following the mantra of ‘quit the balancing act’. People now understand that with the use of advanced technology and gadgets there is no such thing as a balancing act.

You must join everything with your home life to make it work. The office calls, emails, and meetings can be attended by sitting at home. So how can we say that we should limit our work and home time and create a wall between them for a balanced life? It just simply isn’t how it should and will work, you have to integrate things you do at work and things at home to achieve greater success. The idea to quit the balancing act and start integrating everything is useful for everyone, be it a woman, man, young, old, and so on.

Quitting The Balancing Act For Women

A huge number of women are entering the business market every year, paving their way for higher leadership roles. This revolution has led them to talk more about the strategies to maintain a workable office and personal life for their families and even for themselves.

After seeing people failing at acquiring the perfect work-life balance, women have started to divert people’s attention towards the mantra of quitting the balancing act. The perfect balanced life requires fully constant work, family, school, kids, personal and other aspects of their life, which is impossible because life is never constant. So, when they navigate through their options, priorities, and time regarding their family, personal life, and work, finding a balance almost seems a bit far-fetched.

The principle of quit the balancing act and integrating the different aspects of life is especially workable for the leader and working woman, who have kids at home and a whole household to look after. Blurring the line between work and home is a great advantage for such women, they can keep both the wheels moving without having to allot time to each. There are many important ways of how to quit the balancing act and start to manage life through the philosophy of integration.

Factors For Achieving Perfect Balanced Life By Integrating

Be Aware Of Your Time

Be Aware of Your Time

For the working population, blurring the line between work and family can only be effective if they are aware of the time. By integrating both aspects, people have to make the most of the time they get. For example, if there is some time between a meeting online, spend it with the family and kids. Similarly, between free family time, do some unfinished office tasks. By being aware of the time you can have a perfect work-life balance even after you quit the balancing act.

Avail Flexibility When Possible

Having the ability to shift tasks and family matters from one to another gives life with integration a necessary push. Flexibility in work, school, office, family, and personal activities helps a person gain more success in each of these aspects. You can ask your office boss or your family members to shift a task or plan accordingly to a time that is suitable for you.

The integration between work and home life allows such things to happen, the barrier before you quit the balancing act cannot. With the current pandemic situation, where everything is online and the work is being done remotely, integrating home and work life is a must because it has become much easier.

Prioritize Your Life Choices

Prioritize Your Life Choices

Integrating the different aspects of your work and home life does not mean you have to give your attention to each task at both places. You cannot give out the same amount of energy and effort to every task no matter how small or big, which is why you must prioritize the choices you make.

You can start by cutting out things from the home and office to-do list that have no significance or very little. Cutting off unimportant errands buys you some extra time that you can use to complete tasks that reflect and shape your overall performance in the work and improve family life.

Believe In Yourself

To quit the balancing act and start integrating is a big step for someone who has always kept their personal and work life miles apart from each other. So, before you take such a step, you must build in yourself a sense of confidence and have the belief that you can do it. Once you get confident enough to link both extremes, you are bound to succeed at every step ahead.

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